Written by Emily Doorish to celebrate Solitary Bee Week 2019

Oh to be a little bee,
Flying around all solitary,
Not a bumble, not a honey,
You usually see us when it’s sunny,
In little holes we can be found,
In a wall or underground,
We play in mud and borrow leaves
But if you see this, we are not thieves
It helps flora become strong to grow,
we also pollinate the seeds you sow,
We create the food you like to eat,
And though this ode is quite upbeat,
Not much is known about us at all,
From the very big to the very small,
We ‘other’ bees are in decline,
So if you could spare the time,
Please help humans spread the word,
Create a buzz because we can’t be heard,
We’re friendly little friends to know,
We help you make your garden grow,
Just ask a friend, have you heard of these?
I’ll bet they’ll say “what are solitary bees?”
We need your help before we’re gone,
So if you read this, please pass it on

Kate Christman