Solitary Bee Week is an annual week of action and education, to raise awareness about our incredible solitary bees. The next Solitary Bee Week will take place in July 2020.

Although most people are aware of honeybees and bumblebees, solitary bees are the unsung hero of the pollinating world. With over 240 species in the UK alone, they make up 90% of the bee population and along with other pollinating animals are responsible for one third of all the food we eat.

We invite you to Earn Your Stripes by pledging to help the bees, Wear Your Stripes for the day and share solitary bee facts and photos on social media. We will be earning our own stripes by hosting school assemblies and activities throughout the week.

Solitary Bee Week is a partnership between the University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) and Cornish product designers, Green&Blue. They have been working together since 2016, as part of an ongoing research project into Green&Blue’s award-winning Bee Brick — a home for cavity nesting solitary bees.